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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Upcoming Release: Fade

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I know that the next book I intended to release was Surviving the Aftershock. 

However, due to where my head and heart are right now, I'm just not able to write sunshine and happiness.

Fade is a project I've been dabbling in all year, and it's one I am beyond excited about.

It is my debut dark romance. 

Blu, the heroine is a blend of one part Dexter, one part Pollyanna. 

Rhys, the hero, is one part Dexter, one part Jax Teller. 
(That's an SOA reference y'all. Get with it. LOL)

Here are some teasers, but be sure to head to the bottom to read an excerpt. :)


I’ve always been secretly wicked.

I never really knew how to explain it to others.

The few times I tried I got greeted with strange looks, sometimes pity, and confusion.

They didn’t get it.

There was just something inherently wrong with me.

I watched Disney movies and identified with the villain. I was fascinated by serial killers, paranormal tales of evil, and going against the grain of what is acceptable all for the sake of experimenting with this biological flaw of mine.

It was like this tiny fog of darkness in the depths of my soul that nobody could really comprehend.

On the outside, I was Bonnet Michaels, the good girl who goes to church every Sunday and who volunteers at the nursing home after school. I was the straight A student. I dressed modestly and ate my lunch in the library.

Inside, though, inside I was evil.

Sure, I smiled for all the pictures, while secretly looking into someone’s eyes and just seeing their flaws and imperfections.

All around me all I saw were hypocrites, cogs in the wheel of society. Everyone and everything was damaged.

I wanted to break them down to their primal selves, to a place without the bullshit. A place not shrouded in conformity and societal norms. Underneath the years of cultural conditioning, were we not all a baser side? I wanted to know.

When girls at school made fun of me, I thought about what it would be like for me to shave off their hair if I was in a mild mood, but on the days where my flaw was at its peak, I would imagine holding a blade to one of their skinny throats and putting just enough pressure that a small line would form across the base and tiny droplets of blood would make their way to the outside of the cut, like condensation on a glass. I never wanted to kill them, just to break them down. Strip them of the masks they wear.

In my thoughts it made sense, but was also clouded with a fear that I was the damaged one, the one with flaws, and that I was damning myself by even allowing a part of myself to embrace the dark fog.

So on the day when my life ended, or my life as I knew it, I secretly thought I deserved it. I deserved it for internally ratifying my darkness. My penance for my years of sinful nature.

What I didn’t know was that it was the catalyst that was about to decimate the old me and awaken the dark.

Out of the darkness, Blu was born.

(c) Claire Granger, 2015

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Sneak Peak into Kenna's Musings!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Kenna's Musings is completed and set to release October 29th! 

Here's a sneak peak into the newest of the Daydreaming series:



They say you never know what you have until it’s gone.

2 weeks earlier…
Her toes always bounce when she reads in bed. It’s a strange, albeit fucking adorable, little quirk that Kenna has. She pulls the duvet back, but doesn’t cover up, leans back against a mountain of pillows, opens her Kindle, and then bounces her toes up and down while she reads. Sometimes she pulls her knees up to her chest when something horrible and traumatic is happening in her story, but usually, just the toes bouncing.

So tonight I was watching her toes when occurred to me. I never gave a flying shit about what a girl did in bed unless it was directly related to fucking, so why am I noticing her adorable fucking toes bouncing?

I must have had a look on my face because Kenna set her Kindle in her lap and tilted her head to the side.

“What’s up?” She asked, thoroughly confused by my confused look.

I motioned towards her toes. “You bounce your toes when you read.”

She frowned. “Oh. Yeah. Sorry, weird habit.”

“Yeah. It’s cute.” I said, then cleared my throat and resumed my typing on my laptop.
She pursed her lips together trying to hide the smile forming on those perfect lips of hers.

The lips that just moments earlier were right on my-

Stop that, you pervert.

Well it’s true.

Anyway, moving on.

She reached her hand out and took my hand, small smile still on her face, her eyes twinkled in amusement. I closed my laptop and opened up the business report I had been reading, so that, you know, we could keep holding hands.

I’m looking at her cute toes and holding hands.
In bed.

While not fucking.

Some shit had definitely happened to me.

And I liked it.

Present Day.
Whoever said that is wrong. I definitely knew what I had. I didn’t need to lose her to find out. 

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